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POP3 is the standard for all e-mail solutions and is utilised by most of the ISP's.

Zimbra Accounts

Zimbra Hosted Mail is Widescope E-mail's preferred choice for managed synchronized mail, chosen for it's flexibility, reliability and most notable of all, it's affordability!

Fax To Email

Rid yourself of your Fax machine and turn your PC into one with a unique fax number...

Fax to Email

By Widescope Email

Rid yourself of your Fax machine and turn your PC into one instead with a unique fax number...

Before the advent of e-mail, companies relied heavily on phones, post and fax services to go about their daily business, as we moved into the 21st Century; E-mail began to dominate daily communications in people's homes & businesses.

Whilst e-mails replaced the majority of postal communications in businesses and went a long way to replacing fax services, some businesses have still held onto this outdated technology for its usefulness in sending across signed documents amongst some other services that e-mail might not be easily tailored towards.

Many modernised companies have had no choice but to hold onto their fax phones for the simple reason that at some point a customer or supplier may just need to contact them by fax.

And let's be honest... We all know someone who still has a fax phone but has yet to get themselves involved in the internet revolution.

So with this in mind our partners at Faxtastic! Came up with the idea of Fax to E-mail an environmentally friendly alternative to fax phones.


Full Range of UK Phone Numbers - Just like a real fax phone, your fax to e-mail account will have a phone number attached to it which you can choose, from local to business to free numbers!

  • Space Saver - As any faxes sent to your fax to e-mail account are instantly transformed to a readable document attachment in your e-mail account, it eliminates the need for a fax phone in your office saving you space.

  • Environmentally friendly - With no fax phone on site you can help cut down on your business' carbon footprint with no need for environmentally unfriendly toner, reams of papers and no electricity wasted on running your fax phone! This also means no need for extra deliveries or travelling to pick up supplies for your fax phone!

  • Cost Cutting - Essential during financially volatile times; the cost of fax to e-mail throughout the year is sure to save you money with no need to pay line rental costs, phone line installations, expensive reams of paper and toner whilst helping you save on electricity costs too!

  • Paper Trail - One of the worst things about Faxes is trying to find somewhere to store the ones you've received in your offices, then there is converting them to digital copies; scanners and staff are required to copy and type up the information just to get them onto your system. With Fax to E-mail, faxes are converted to electronic format to go from your client's fax phone and to be received by your mail box. This has the added advantage of meaning your faxes are already on the computer!

  • Two Way Communication - Just like a real fax phone, you can send and receive via the fax to e-mail system, e-mails you send automatically get converted to facsimiles and arrive on your client's end just as they would with a regular fax.