POP 3 Accounts

POP3 is the standard for all e-mail solutions and is utilised by most of the ISP's.

Zimbra Accounts

Zimbra Hosted Mail is Widescope E-mail's preferred choice for managed synchronized mail, chosen for it's flexibility, reliability and most notable of all, it's affordability!

Fax To Email

Rid yourself of your Fax machine and turn your PC into one with a unique fax number...

MailBunker email archiving


In-the-Cloud email archiving and discovery – made simple!

If you've ever lost an important email you will understand the need for backups. Today, email is the life-blood of communications in any organisation making it imperative that your email is backed up in a safe place; not only for legal compliance but also your own piece of mind.

Welcome to MailBunker. Our soltion that provides a simple, secure, in-the-cloud email archiving facility that doesn't cost the earth.

Recover and Restore

Restore archived emails direct to your mail account. Quickly and securely.

£5 per month

Less than 20p per day to store indefinitely all mail through your account for a lifetime.


Works with any publicly addressable POP3 or IMAP server.


Access wherever you have Internet access: ideal for disaster recovery.

Fast Search

Search through text and a huge number of attachment formats.

Time Travel

See your inbox as it was at any point in time since archiving began.

Test Accounts

No obligation test accounts available on request.

Migration Tool

The ideal migration tool. Simply archive and restore to your new server.

for Microsoft Outlook

Access MailBunker stores directly within Outlook.

Microsoft Office 365

MailBunker provides the perfect partner to Office 365 (enterprise).

Microsoft Exchange

Full integration via journalling.


access MailBunker via iPhones and Android devices in an iOS-style interface

MailBunker silently duplicates and stores every email you send and receive in our secure data facilities. It logs into your account on a regular schedule and works with any IMAP or POP3 server. It keeps your email regardless of whether it is deleted locally.

Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 Customers using these platforms can use the ‘journaling’ feature to send archive copies of emails to MailBunker, which will then identify the sender and recipient(s) from the header added by Exchange and add the messages to the relevant mailbox on MailBunker. It will also allow for scenarios where multiple domains exist on a single Exchange server, possibly for multiple customers.

MailBunker email archiving for Outlook provides a quick and intuitive interface to access MailBunker stores directly within the Outlook interface. Intended for use by those using Outlook with Exchange in a journaling setup but compatible with all common browsers and can be used with any type of MailBunker inbox.

MailBunker email archiving is a ‘cloud’ service: no software client to install or hardware to add to your network. Once in place you won't even know it's there - until you need it and then you'll be glad you did.