POP 3 Accounts

POP3 is the standard for all e-mail solutions and is utilised by most of the ISP's.

Zimbra Accounts

Zimbra Hosted Mail is Widescope E-mail's preferred choice for managed synchronized mail, chosen for it's flexibility, reliability and most notable of all, it's affordability!

Fax To Email

Rid yourself of your Fax machine and turn your PC into one with a unique fax number...

POP3 Email Accounts

POP3 is the standard for all e-mail solutions and is utilised by most of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) such as Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, BT, Sky, etc. Whilst we provide a number of scalable options for POP3 we also supply a range of business friendly alternatives such as Zimbra.

Widescope E-mail POP3 and Webmail Price Calculator

You can use this utility to calculate how much Widescope E-mail accounts will cost in their various configurations. If you would like clarification on how this works, have a read of the notes below or contact support@widescope-email.co.uk

All prices stated are in British Pounds Sterling (GBP)

Errors and omissions excepted


POP3/IMAP Email Hosting

The form below allows you to quickly calculate the cost of accounts and break down how the charges are made up. These prices apply to POP3/IMAP hosting only. Prices shown are 'per month' and exclude VAT.



Per Item


Per Domain

Unless you are a reseller of our services or require multiple domains leave this number at 1.

Mailboxes per Domain

How many mailboxes do you wish to create?

Anti-Virus Available

Do you require Anti-Virus protection to be available?

IMAP Available

Do you require IMAP access?

Quota in MB

How much disk space in MB do you require? (Shared across an entire domain)


Amount charged by Widescope to you per month

Useful Notes

  • A single domain name is what we use as a 'billing point'. Mailboxes are attached to domain names, this allows you to set up one domain for a company that contains multiple mailboxes, or a domain for a single end-user with mailboxes for their family etc. If the value in the domain field is greater than 1, it is treated as a multiplier.

    Typically if you are not a web design company wishing to resell our services, leave the "Per Domain" quantity at 1. If you are unsure of whether you require multiple domains, please contact a member of our sales team via the contact page.

  • Charges are calculated based on the capability of an account, not its actual usage. Therefore if an account has the ability to create 5 mailboxes, it will be charged for those mailboxes regardless of whether the mailboxes have been created or not.
  • When considering quota, bear in mind the difference between POP3 and IMAP. POP3 users need a much lower quota as the storage is only a 'queue' for mail waiting to be downloaded. IMAP users store messages on the server, so typically need more space.