POP 3 Accounts

POP3 is the standard for all e-mail solutions and is utilised by most of the ISP's.

Zimbra Accounts

Zimbra Hosted Mail is Widescope E-mail's preferred choice for managed synchronized mail, chosen for it's flexibility, reliability and most notable of all, it's affordability!

Fax To Email

Rid yourself of your Fax machine and turn your PC into one with a unique fax number...

Zimbra Hosted Mail

By Widescope Email

The low cost, high powered alternative to Microsoft Exchange...

Zimbra Hosted Mail is Widescope E-mail's preferred choice for managed synchronized mail, chosen for its flexibility, reliability and most notable of all, its affordability!

Complete with all of the anti-spam and anti-virus filtering as standard that all of our top e-mail accounts packages receive, Zimbra synchronized mail is designed for the small to medium enterprises. This powerful communications platform offers the functionality and versatility of Microsoft's flagship Hosted E-mail Exchange at a much lower cost. Complete with full technical support Zimbra is a powerful tool for any company on the go.

Complete with synchronized calendar sharing to allow you to view and share calendars with staff and colleagues, synchronized mail so that you can access, read, reply and delete your mail from one device and have it update on all of your other devices, as well as the ability to share files, documents and tasks with other staff using a variety of mail clients from Zimbra's very own Zimbra Desktop to Microsoft Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird.


Spam Protection - Just as with standard e-mail accounts our 'Weapons grade' multi-layered anti-spam protection comes as standard on the e-mail account with its sensitivity filter levels completely customisable by you!

Virus Protection - As opposed to our standard e-mail accounts, anti-virus comes as standard with your Zimbra account removing threats before they get anywhere near your inbox.

Synergised & Synchronized - Share your documents, files, folders and contacts between your mobile and tablet devices and other computers with synchronized mail and calendars. Enable user permissions from just being able to view your calendar, right up to administering it for you or set it up that so you can view and edit all of your staff's calendars without them being able to view yours! Complete control and customizable.

Platform Independent - Full integration with any e-mail client from Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird or maximise productivity with Zimbra Desktop.